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《新托业Tomato 全真模拟试题集 3》part3、4的听力原文及下载——test4

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Part 3
Hello, sir, is there something i can help you with?
Yes, i want to get a XX of HDTV,(abbr..High-Definition TV 高清晰度电视) i heard it advertised on the radio this morning for just $450.
That’s a special promotion we were running. Unfortunately, it’s been so popular that we eventually ran out of stock. Would you like me to order a XX especially for you?
Sure, that would be great!
Gosh, it hasn’t stopped raining all week.
Yes, it’s very depressing. I’m supposed to be going to the beach this weekend. Do you know if it will clear up by then?
I haven’t seen the forecast. Do you want me to check out on line?
No, it’s alright. I’ll find out when i watch the news tonight.
Dalen, i’m sorry i can’t stand a chat with you about your draft proposal this evening. I have to go to Forbes Hotel for a dinner function (正式的)宴会,大型聚会at 7:00.
In that case, you’d better leave you office right away. It will take a ling time to get across the town.
Yes, how do you think i should get there?
I wouldn’t take a car because the traffic would be good locked. I guess the subway is your best bet.
Hello, is this Capital Reality?
Yes, you’re speaking with Ted Jones. How can i help?
My name is Serra twinters. I’ve been looking through the classifieds[分类广告( = classified ad)] in today’s paper and i’m interested in renting the two-bedroom apartment at the tower. The advertisement says to contact you.
Right, unfortunately, Ms. Twinters, someone has just signed the lease on that property. But there are a number of similar apartments that i’d be happy to show you.
Hello, i’m Jenne Spenser from the XX Bakery. I’m calling about getting some promotional photos taken for our business.
Can you tell me what the photos are for and when you’ll need them by?
We are launching our website and we need some visually appealing pictures to show off our products. We hope the website will be running by the end of month.
Ok, i’ll be happy to work on this project. Why don’t you send me an e-mail outlining all the specific details?
Eleno. Now that the application period for the marketing management’s position has closed, i think we should get together to develop our shortlist ()最终候选人名单 for candidate interviews.
Yes, there are over 50 applications, so we are going to take a while. Should we decide on Monday afternoon?
Monday afternoon won’t work for me because i have to go to Alberni to prepare for a talk i’m giving on Tuesday morning. How about Wednesday?
Ok, that sounds good to me. Let’s meet in my office at 9:30 am.
Jackson, i want to talk you about the latest budget produced by the finance team.
Yes, i saw that report this morning. I was very surprised by some of the figures.
Me, too. So i thoroughly reviewed them and discovered the document actually contains many errors.
I guess someone must have input some incorrect numbers before running the software program. I’ll ask the finance manager to do it again.
Mike, are you busy right now?
No, i’ve just finished going through the mail you received this week.
In that case, can you do me a personal favor? I need you to pick up a couple of items for me from the dry-cleaner’s. The store closes at 5:00. But i have to attending a boarding meeting right now.
Sure, i think, Ms. Roberts. That’s the one on the corner of the first and third. Oh, and i need a receipt or else they won’t let me collect the items.
Hello, I’m arranging a dinner to celebrate our company’s 20th anniversary. I was wondering if I could make a booking for the next Friday evening.
Certainly, would you like to reserve the VIP room? It can accommodate up to 25 people and give you privacy from other restaurant patrons.
Oh, only 25 people? We’re expecting 30 to 40 guests. I guess I’ll need to find somewhere else then.
In that case, perhaps you should get in touch with our branch in Handson Street. They have a large function room that might be suitable.
Hi, bitemen befishing in Taikou. What can I do for you?
Hello, it’s KW here from the T Inquirer. I’m putting together an article on the local economy. I want to interview you about the main challenge facing the local business owners.
That sounds interesting. But I can’t talk right now. as I have a meeting with the supplier, can you call me back later this afternoon?
I need to file out the report to the editors by 3:00 pm the latest. I’ll leave my number with you and you can call me back before that if you get a chance.


Part 4:
Hello, this is J W from the directive express. I’m calling about the delivery for Mr. T W. there’s no one at home when I stopped by your apartment at 5:00 pm today. I left the package at the building manager’s office on the third floor. Please be sure to pick up this item from the office when you get home. For any question or concerns about the delivery, you can call me back directly at 021-098-672. Thanks! [71: realtor: 房地产经纪人 courier: 快递员、信使]
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I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight to say farewell to Peter Burns. Peter has been an enthusiastic, reliable and highly skilled employee in our company for more than 30 years. So I’d like to personally thank him for his loyal service. Peter joined the company as an office assistant, but he excelled in promotions firstly to administrative manager and then to business operation director. His outstanding organizational skills and generous compassionate and friendly personality made him a wonderful asset for this company. Peter plans to take a few weeks of XX vacation now before starting out his own business operations consulting firm at the beginning of next year. I wish him well in his future endeavors.
Dear passengers, we apologize for the holdup we are currently experiencing. It appears as there’s a minor mechanical problem with the train. Engineers are working hard to fix it and we should be able to resume our trip again in a few minutes. Once we reach the Shandon station, we are just only a few kilometers away. You’ll need to transfer to another train for the rest of the journey. At the Shandon station, please exit the train and make your way to Platform 4 where the new train will be waiting for you. We thank you for your patience.
I’m pleased to have this opportunity to talk to you today. Often when people think of pollution, they immediately think about smog produced by the industrial activity and automobiles. But, in fact, water pollution is just as important and just as dangerous. Say, chemicals used in farming and industrial activity end up in waterways like lakes, rivers and oceans. This harms the natural environment, killing aquatic plants(水生物) and fish species. Now, I’ll hand out a report prepared by researchers at the University of E. This report show how serious the problem of water pollution is becoming in this region. Please take time to look it over.
Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Time Jones and the rest of the IT team have been working very hard over the last few weeks to create an internet site for all our employees. Internet will be a place for you to find important information and ideas. There will be new notices print regularly, so I suggest that you make the site the new homepage on your computer. If you like to submit something to appear on the internet, please send it to the site administrator DP. She will be able to upload your announcements onto the site so that other employees can view them.
In business news tonight, two of the country’s leading shipping firms are set to merge. Industry analysts expect that Alexander Logistics and XX Shipping will soon join forces. (同…)协同;(与…)通力合作Currently, both companies are struggling to turn over profit due to high employment costs. However, as a single company, efficiency could be improved greatly. Of course, the change will probably mean employee layoffs, especially for administrative and safety engineering staff. This will upset employees and the local union officials. In contrast, shareholders from both companies are reportedly happy with the proposal. An official announcement will be made sometime next week.
Stanly, it’s George. I just finished conducting a market research with some customer-focused groups. There are some really interesting findings which might change the way we prepare and market the meal in our outlets. Most importantly, I received a clear message from customers that they are tired of our old menu. They want to be able to buy more nutritious items like salads rather than just burgers and French fries. They came up with other ideas too that can lead us to some improvements. I’ll write up a full report on the research and send it to you by the end of the week.
Residents of LH, this is what you have been waiting for. The LH Shop XX Mall will finally open for business next Saturday.Shop XX will feature over 50 stores with fashion outlets, discount stores and two food courts. On Sunday morning, our ceremony will be held during which Mayor M will make a speech. For the entire opening weekend, there will be special giveaways, including a price for a brand new disallow four door hitch by vehicle, so come into Shop XX next weekend and enjoy yourself.
So, that’s my show for the day. Thank you all for listening. I’d also like to thank the special guests that were in the studio today. Charles Homes came to discuss gardening matters, and I also had a chat with local author RW about her new novel,”the gold fish bowl”. To hear those interviews or any other part of today’s show, simply visit our website at www.XX.com. I won’t be here next week as I’m going on a vacation to Thailand. LF will host the show in my place. I wish you all a good week and look forward to talking to you again soon. Now here’s RA with today’s news headlines.