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《新托业Tomato 全真模拟试题集 3》part3、4的听力原文及下载——test2

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Part 3:

M: Marina, how was your break at Picnic Beach?   
W: It was very relaxing. It's a great place to unwind away from crowds of people.           
M: It sounds perfect. I hear the scuba diving there is fantastic. Did you try it?      
W: Yes, I enjoyed that. But the highlight for me was learning how to surf.
W: I'd like two tickets to the afternoon showing of King Lear, please.
M: That’ll be $70, please.
W: Oh, that's expensive! Going to the theater used to be cheap.
M: Then perhaps you should think about joining our membership program. It only costs $50 to become a member, and then you can buy tickets for half the normal price.
M: Excuse me. I'm looking for a new power drill. I see you stock well-known brands like
the Excel 1 and the Sasta. Which would you recommend?
W: Well, the Excel 1 is lighter so it's easier to use for small jobs around the house. But if you want to use the drill regularly, you should go with the Sasta.
M: I see. I'll only need to use the drill infrequently, so I’ll get the Excel 1. Thanks for the advice.
W: Mike, I feel awful. I have a terrible headache and I feel tired and sore all over.
M: It sounds like you have the flu. You need to go and see your doctor.
W: The problem is that I'm new in town, so I don't have a regular doctor yet. Is there anyone that you'd suggest?
M: I go to Dr. Haywood, and she's pretty good. I`ll see if I can find her business card in my office.
M: Good afternoon, Marion Airlines. You're speaking with Jordan. How may I help you?
W: Hi. I was on Marion Airlines flight MA103 from Seattle to Chicago last night. I couldn't find my briefcase this morning. I think I may have left it on the plane.
M: Okay, madam. I’ll put you through to our Lost Property department. Someone there will let you know if your briefcase has been recovered.
W: Have you seen Mr. Rodriguez this morning?
M: No, but I am scheduled to have lunch with him later. Why?
W: I need to talk to him about our client meeting tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly where the meeting is supposed to be held. I have to make sure the room is properly set up.
M: In that case, I’ll tell him to send you an email about it this afternoon.
M: Hello, I booked a table for 6 under the name "Hanson."
W: Let me see. We have the booking down for 8 o'clock, but it's only 7:30. Is that our mistake?
M: No, that's right. We're just a bit early. There wasn't as much traffic as I expected.
W: That's fine, Mr. Hanson. We can accommodate you now. I’ll show you to your table.
M: Sylvia, are you signed up for Mr. Jones's workshop this Friday?
W: No, Mr. Burke. I'm scheduled to work on the assembly line that day.
M: Well, according to your employee file, you're due to participate in your annual machinery operation training. I think it's important that you attend on Friday.
W: Okay, but you'll need to find someone to cover my shift.
M: Are you ready for Wednesday's presentation to the clients from Germany?
W: No, Mr. Roberts. Our visitors' trip has been delayed. They won't be here until next week.
M: Okay, that gives us more time. Then, why don't you send me a copy of your proposal? That way, we can discuss it in detail beforehand.
W: That's a good idea. I`ll send it to you on Friday.
M: Maggie, when will the new Hentium 3.6 MP3 player be on the market in Asia?
W: Well, we were planning on releasing it across Singapore and Japan this month, before extending into the rest of Asia later on. But unfortunately, we've had to delay the launch as we could not reach a deal yet with local distributers.
M: Oh, that's a shame. So, when is the launch now set for?
W: We've just finished negotiations with a Chinese company, so the product should be on sale there in August. Hopefully, the other countries in the region won't be far behind.
Part 4:
Mother's Day is on the 7th of next month. Have you found the perfect present yet? Then visit a Godfrey's store near you. At Godfrey's, we stock a wide range of fun, attractive and interesting items. From small and thoughtful to large and expensive, we have something for everyone. But what really sets us apart is our wonderful customer service. Unlike big department stores, discount warehouses, or online shopping malls, we offer personal advice to each and every customer. Our experienced and dedicated staff can help you choose something that will really impress your friend or loved one. With over 20 stores across the state, Godfrey's has been an important part of Georgia's local communities for nearly half a century. Come in and visit a Godfrey's store today!
Hello, Ms. Wells. It's Josh Perkins here from the personnel team at KPR Insurance. I'm calling about the accounting position you applied for last week. We've had a look at your application materials, and we'd like to ask you to come in for an interview. The interviews are being held on the 6th floor of our building on Stanner Street on Wednesday and Thursday. It should only take an hour or so. Please call me back at 018-587- 098 to let me know what time on either of those days would suit you. Thanks.
Can I have your attention, please? My name is Catherine and I'm going to be showing you around the Royal Gardens today. I'll point out all of the different plant species on display, as well as tell you about some interesting historical events that have occurred here. Please make sure you stay with the group at all times. You're allowed to take as many photos as you like, but do not touch any of the flowers or trees. It's important that we don't cause any damage to the garden. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. The tour should take around half an hour and we'll start in a couple of minutes. So, if you need to go to the bathroom, please do so now.
Hi, Linda. It's Rex from Johnson Building Supplies. I'm calling about the order you faxed me this morning. Unfortunately, we won't be able to send you the 12 sheets of extra-strength steel you requested. The problem is that the manufacturer that we do business with no longer makes the sheets. If you return my call, I`ll be able to take you through a range of other steel options to replace this item. I look forward to hearing back from you.
It's Amanda Wallace with your 5 pm traffic update. There are long delays along Carter Drive due to maintenance work in the area. The traffic lights at the Carter Drive-Lincoln Road intersection are being repaired after damage from last night's storm. Motorists are advised to take another route, if possible. All other parts of the traffic network are flowing freely. If you are out on the roads and notice any delays, please call and let us know at 1800-drive fm. Next, you'll hear all the latest headlines from the news desk with Shirley Holmes.
Good morning, everyone. After weeks of negotiations, we have finally reached an agreement about wage and salary increases for next year. he good news is that everyone will receive a pay rise. There are also increased performance incentives for sales and marketing staff. You should all receive extra money in your next paycheck, which is due at the end of this month. I will send out a memo outlining all of the details, so please check that. If you're still unsure about how the changes will affect you personally, contact Kirsty Gibson in the payroll department and ask her. Thanks.
Thank you for calling Teleport Communications Services. Please note that this call may be recorded for quality control purposes. To connect your telephone or Internet service, press one. For information on billing and accounts, press two. For complaints about a problem with your service, press three. To hear this menu again, press the pound key(#号键). Or, if you'd prefer to speak directly to a customer services operator, please stay on the line.
I'm really excited about the role technology can play in university education. At the moment, most colleges offer a few online services. For example, the colleges you all work at probably record lectures and post them on the Internet, right? But I think we can do so much more than that. Imagine holding a truly interactive online class. As the professor, you could link to interesting news items and video clips, get feedback from students instantly, or encourage class discussion in chat rooms. These fantastic techniques and tools can be used to complement traditional face-to-face classroom teaching, not replace it. Now, if you think this is just a futuristic fantasy, you're wrong. I've actually developed a website that shows how these things can all be achieved easily today. I encourage you all to visit www.classonline.com today to see what university teaching in the 21st century can look like!
Hello, everyone. I want to take this opportunity to remind you about an important policy at this apartment complex. Over the last few months, a lot of people have been leaving large items such as sofas and cabinets in the recycling and garbage area. This not only looks bad, but it is also potentially dangerous. The recycling and garbage area can be very slippery, so people transporting large items there are endangering their own safety. In the future, if you want to dispose of a large item, you should contact me and purchase a permit. Permits only cost between 1 and 5 dollars, depending on the size of the item. After that, I will arrange to have the item removed from your apartment by professionals. Thanks in advance for your compliance.
Thank you all for agreeing to stay behind tonight. We're going to show you the new product prototypes that our R&D team has been working on. What I want you all to do is examine them closely and tell us what you think. We are currently deciding which products to invest in, so your feedback as frontline staff will be very valuable. I expect the process will take a couple of hours. To ensure that you have plenty of energy to think and talk about the prototypes, we've prepared some food for all of you. The catering has kindly been provided by the staff cafeteria, and it's available in the room next door. Please help yourself now, and then the presentation will begin in a few minutes.