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《新托业Tomato 全真模拟试题集 3》part3、4的听力原文及下载——test1

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Part 3

W: The stereo I bought here last week broke already. I’d like a refund.
M: I’m afraid I can’t give your money back as that’s against our store policy. Instead, you can get a replacement stereo or store credit (商店积分、退料单;赊账购货).
W: Well, I can’t trust that stereo model, so I guess I’ll take the credit.
M: Ok, that means you have $240 to spend in the store. It must be redeemed (兑取) within the next 6 months.

W: The sales figures for last month are very disappointing.
M: Yes, we need to make some changes. Let’s get together at lunch today with the original directors to discuss the new strategies.
W: That’s a good idea. Should I book a table at one of the local restaurants?
M: No, let’s meet in my office. Perhaps you could just get some sandwiches from the café downstairs.

M: Excuse me, do you know when bus No.7 is scheduled to stop here?
W: Actually, it should’ve gotten here 5 minutes ago.
M: Oh, that’s not good. I’m starting a new job at Verlaine mall and I need to get there by 9 am. I don’t want to be late for my first day.
W: Well, the No.11 bus also goes there. Here’s one coming now. Why don’t you jump on board?

W: Tom, is everything ready for next week’s media open day at the laboratory?
M: Nearly, Ms. Jones, we just need to prepare their ID security cards. Everything else has been taken care of.
W: That’s great. I’m interested to see what you have scheduled for the event.
M: In that case, I’ll forward you a copy of the program.

M: I’m really looking forward to seeing Dos Barros with you this evening. I heard that it is a beautiful opera.
W: Right! It’s so popular that the show sold out in just a few hours. How did you manage to get our tickets?
M: I bought them online the moment they went on sale. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
W: That’s great. Before we go to the auditorium, we’d better grab a bite to eat. Let’s try the new diner on Fort Street.

M: The finance department manager has hired a couple of interns to help with the administrative work. But there’s no workspace for them on the fifth floor.
W: The interns should wok alongside the rest of the finance department, so we’ll need to move the other employees.
M: Right! How about asking Todd and Jeff to move to the third floor? They don’t really need to sit with the other Information Technology workers.
W: That makes sense. As IT support technicians, they spend most of their time dealing with computer problems around the buildings.

W: Good afternoon! Express Florists. You are speaking with Margery.
M: Hi, Margery. My name is Collin Graham and I work for CEA Insurance. We’re holding an investor’ conference at lunchtime tomorrow and I completely forget to order flowers for the event. Can you help me out?
W: Sure. There will be an additional charge, though, because this is a last-minute request.
M: That fine. I’ll fax the details of the order to you now.

M: Hello, I’d like to make a call to a client in Singapore. Can you tell me how much that will cost?
W: Well, our hotel’s policy is to charge guests $5 per minute for all direct overseas calls.
M: Gosh, that’s very expensive. Are there any other options?
W: You could purchase an international calling card from one of the local convenience stores. The charge would be more affordable.

M: Hi, Julia. Are you doing anything special this weekend?
W: Well, I was planning on visiting the coast to do some fishing, but my car has broken down. It’s at the service center and it won’t be ready for another week.
M: You could still head to the coast, though. The express train goes through there at least twice a day.
W: Great idea! That way I won’t have to put up with the traffic either.

W: Mike, we need to arrange an urgent meeting of the hiring committee.
M: Why, Mary? What’s happened?
W: Josephine Rose just contacted me to say she has received a job offer from Brookings Inc. (Incorporated). If we’re going to make her a counter offer, we need to act within the next few hours.
M: Right, I know a lot of the committee members were impressed with Josephine’s credentials, but Andrew Fowler was a strong candidate, too. This will be a difficult decision.

Part 4

Hello, Adam. This is Yukon. I’m calling to check that you’re all right. I heard that you had to go to the hospital last night for an emergency operation. I hope you’re recovering well. I want you to take at least a week off to make sure you get enough rest. If you need longer, I’ll understand. Please know that everyone in the office is thinking of you. A small group of us will come and visit you at the hospital tomorrow to cheer you up. In the meantime, please take it easy. (so considerate~~)

I’m Mark Lo with World HBC’s daily Market Report. Most markets in Europe turned in strong performances. Investor confidence is increasing in the region due to the strong market regulations introduced by the European Union last month. In the major Asian economies however, the news wasn’t so good. The Korean and Japanese market was both down by 10 points and Taiwan recorded a 20 points drop. Trading had not closed yet in the US and Canada. For more detailed information of the investment and currency markets, switch to HBC dedicated Business News programming on Channel 7. Next up is Mai Yeng with the day’s sports headlines.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need to inform you about a late change to tonight’s concert program. Barnaby Watson, the headline act for tonight, will be performing at 9 pm rather than 10:30, that means that the Porter Women’s Choir will now provide the final performance of the evening. We apologize for any inconvenience. Mr. Watson has to catch an earlier flight tonight than first expected. The problem is that he is so popular at the moment. He is due to appear on a breakfast television show in Dublin tomorrow morning. We hope you understand the situation.

Our next speaker is Jenifer Plummer, a world-renowned expert in the human mind. Throughout her career, she has published a number of groundbreaking books and articles on the impact of marketing messages on our psychology. She has just finished conducting a research on the impact of social marketing in campaigns on issues such as anti-smoking, safe-driving and healthy-eating.
Based on her findings, this talk may help governments and other organizations get messages through to the public more effectively.

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Can you all please put your equipment down and face me? Thanks. I have an announcement to make. The safety engineers will be performing maintenance on some of the machinery today. At 10 am this morning, the compressors, grinders and some of the other equipment will be switched off so that the engineers can begin their work. While normal operations are impossible, you will all take part in your annual health and safety training. So, at 10 am, please head to the workers' lounge where Kyle Bennett will instruct the session. Thanks.

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I`d like to welcome you all to Veron Enterprises. My name is Fay Hernandez and I'm the vice president of operations. I'm in charge of showing you around today. You should all have a packet with details about company policies and workplace guidelines. If you don't have one, please let me know. For the first half hour, we will be discussing the corporate structure of Veron Enterprises so you can understand how the business is organized. After that, Jean Rogers, the HR director, will talk to you about the resources and opportunities available to you as employees. Then, in the afternoon, we'll go for a walk around the office to show you the facilities.

Hello, Ms. Graham. It's Didier Dion. I'm calling because the IT team's workload is becoming overwhelming. The problem is that we're preparing for the launch of the new online ordering service next month, and we are currently behind schedule. We are all working around 60 hours a week or more. We desperately need additional help over the next few weeks. As a team manager, I don't have any hiring authority, so I need your permission to employ a couple of temps. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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