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  One important thing during the pre-Christmas rush at our house was the arrival of my daughter' s kindergarten report card. She got high praise for her reading, vocabulary and overall en-thusiasm. On the other hand, we learnt that she has work to do on her numbers and facility with the computer, though the detailed handwritten report her teachers prepared is absent of any words that might be interpreted as negative in describing her efforts. A number system indicates how she' s measuring up in each area without any mention of passing or failing.
All of which seems to make my daughter' s school neither fish nor fowl when it comes to the debate over the merits of giving formal grades to kids. At one level, the advantages and disadvanta-ges are obvious. A grade system provides a straightforward standard by which to measure how your child is progressing at school--and how he or she is getting on compared to other children. But as writer Sue Ferguson notes, "Grades can deceive. " The aim should be "to measure learning, not simply what a student can recall on a test. " The two aren' t the same--and if you doubt that as an adult, ask yourself whether you could sit down without any preparation and still pass those high-school-level examinations.
  If you' re old enough, you' ve lived through this debate before. At one time, it was considered unfair to put children in direct competition with one another if it could be avoided. The inten-tion behind tha.t may have been good, but it ignored the fact that competition, and the will to come out on top, are essential components of the human condition.
  This time around, educators working with a no-grades approach are emphasizing different rea-sons. The thing is, that approach is much more commonplace in the adult workplace than is the tra-ditional pass-fail system we place on our children. Many workplaces conduct regular employee eval-uations. There are usually fairly strict limits to what an employer can tell an employee in those eval-uations-and even then, negative evaluations can be challenged by the employee. No matter where you sit in the debate over the grade system, then, the real question is this: if it' s so good for kids, why isn't that also true for adults?

56、The school report indicates that the writer' s daughter 
A.lacks interest in her school work
B.ranks among the best at language
C.has some trouble with her handwriting
D.needs to improve in math and computer skills

57、 We can learn that the girl' s school tries to deliver the report 
A.in a positive way
B.in a scientific way
C.in an attractive way
D.in an enthusiastic way

58、 Sue Ferguson seems dissatisfied with the grade system for its focus on 
A.the process of getting the knowledge
B.the capability of memorizing for the test
C.the procedure of measuring learning
D.the standard of comparing schools

59、 The writer would agree that cutting children off from competition is 
A.fit for human development
B.fit for their age and experience
C.against a key part of human nature
D.out of consideration for children

60、 It can be learned that today's educators supporting the no-grades approach insist that 
A.kids be allowed to challenge the negative evaluations
B.the traditional teacher-student relationship be changed
C.the evaluation system for kids be similar to that for adults
D.strict rules be set up in evaluating school children
 Text 3
  56.D【精析】细节题。由文章第一段第三句话“on the other hand,we learnt that she has work to do on her numbers and facility with the computer,though the detailed handwritten report her teach-ers prepared is absent of any words that might be interpreted as negative in describing her effort.”
可知,作者从成绩单上面了解到女儿在数字和计算机应用能力方面仍有功课要做,言外之意便是女儿需要在这两方面加强和提高,故D项符合文意。而根据第一段第二句话“She got high praise for her reading.vocabulary and over-all enthusiasm.”只能得知,作者从成绩单上面了解到女儿在语言方面得到很高的评价,因此B选项表述与原文不符。其他两项原文没有涉及,故选D。
  58.B【精析】细节题。从文章第二段第五句“The aim should be‘to measure learning,not simply what a student can recall on a test’”可知苏·弗格森对评级体系不满意的原因是它强调测试学生的记忆能力,而非学习本身,故选B。
  59.C【精析】细节题。文章第三段最后一句话“…but it ignored the fact that competition,and the will to come out on top,are essential components of the human condition.”可知,作者认为让孩子们远离竞争是违反了人类生存本质的,故选C。

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